Terms of employment Amsterdam UMC

We think it is important that you know where you stand when you come to work for us. That is why we are transparent about our terms of employment.


Your salary is in accordance with the CAO UMC and your holiday allowance is 8 percent of your gross annual salary. Amsterdam UMC also offers a year-end bonus of 8.3 percent. Would you like to calculate your net salary? Then use the calculation tool.

Working week

At Amsterdam UMC you can work both fulltime and part-time. The number of hours in a full-time working week varies per professional group. Physician assistants work 46 hours per week and all other positions (except for medics) are based on our standard 36 hours per week.


At Amsterdam UMC we work with an annual hours system. This means that, depending on the scope of your employment, you are required to work a certain number of hours per year. The number of holiday hours is based on this and is 9% of the number of hours to be worked. In addition to the standard holiday days, Amsterdam UMC has designated Good Friday as an extra holiday in addition to the holidays referred to in the CAO.


Your pension is administered by ABP, the largest pension insurer in the Netherlands. Amsterdam UMC contributes the largest part of this premium (up to 70%)! Have you already built up a pension elsewhere? If so, you may be able to transfer its value. Click here for more information.

Working part-time

Many of our colleagues at Amsterdam UMC work part-time. All our vacancies specify the number of hours you can work. Feel free to discuss your part-time wishes with your future supervisor.


Do you need childcare? On the grounds of Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, is "the Kinderkeet". As a staff member you will be given priority when placing your child there. The Kinderkeet offers long opening hours, so you can always combine childcare with your work schedule. Would you like to know more about this safe and stimulating environment? Then read more information here.

Travel allowance

You will receive travel allowance on the days you are present in the hospital.
On these days, you can count on a general allowance for the costs of commuting if you use your own transport (up to scale 11). The untaxed allowance is € 0.05 per kilometer and is paid if the distance between home and work is 11 kilometers or more, with a maximum of 33 kilometers one way.

If you travel by public transport, the costs of your public transport pass will be reimbursed (up to scale 16). The amount of the reimbursement is 75% of the actual costs. Business trips with public transport are even fully reimbursed. Special rates apply for business trips using your own transport.

In addition to the partial reimbursement for commuting, Amsterdam UMC also makes use of the 'fiscal exchange'. Tax exchange means exchanging gross salary for net salary. The net result of fiscal exchange is the payroll tax that is not owed on the amount to be exchanged, thereby creating a tax benefit for the employee. The amount to be exchanged depends on the number of travel days, the commuting distance and participation in the gross bicycle scheme. Fiscal exchange takes place in May (exchange with vacation allowance), November (exchange with end-of-year bonus) and December (exchange with salary). Our HR Service Desk can tell you more about this.

Home working allowance

At Amsterdam UMC we work with a homeworking allowance. On the days you work from home you receive a net amount of €2,-- per day. You agree in advance with your manager how many days you will work at home and you enter this in our HR system. Each month you will receive a net amount in addition to your salary.

Travelling by public transport

Are you travelling by public transport? Amsterdam UMC is easy to reach! Whether you come by bus, metro or tram, there is always a station or stop nearby.

Station AMC: Station Holendrecht is your starting point to travel in no time to Duivendrecht, Bijlmer, CS, RAI, Zuid-WTC or Sloterdijk. The bus even stops at the square in front of the door.

Location VUmc: Various trams and buses run alongside location VUmc, and the metro is also just around the corner.

Travelling by car

Around location AMC, there are sufficient parking spaces for employees. Parking is currently free on our own grounds.

There are several car parks around VUmc. We have a limited number of parking spaces available for employees. You need a parking pass to gain access to these spaces.

Travelling by bicycle

Are you travelling by bicycle? There are several (locked) bicycle sheds where you can park your bike. Flat tyre? We have a bicycle repair shop on site, which will usually have your bike fixed before the end of the working day.


More time off

If the standard amount of free hours per year is not enough for you, you can save extra hours with the 'time-for-time' scheme. This allows you to save up to a maximum of 168 'additional hours' to be taken at a later date. You agree with your manager on how to build up and use these hours.


Amsterdam UMC employees are offered a wide range of courses and training programmes. Depending on your position, you can discuss what training options are available. Care-oriented and specialist training courses are usually fully reimbursed by the Amsterdam UMC. In addition, in cooperation with Goodhabitz, we offer short-term and professional online training courses. Over 130 online training courses in basic skills in ten areas: from Office to Management and from Language to Personal Effectiveness. Short, free and contained in playful work formats.

UMC Health Insurance

If you want a good health insurance, register online for the UMC Health Insurance. You will benefit from our group discount and from a premium discount on supplementary insurance policies.

Discounted insurance

We have made attractive arrangements for our employees with various companies. You can participate in collective home and/or car insurance. The packages offer not only insurance, but also financial options such as savings accounts, investment funds, loans and mortgages.

ABP Extra Pension

In addition to your standard pension accrual you can also save extra from your gross salary. This is a great way to close a pension gap. You can read all about it on the ABP website.


Need to blow off some steam after a long day? That's possible at both locations. Here you will find all possible sports. The AMC Sports Centre is open during the week. Would you like to play sports in the weekend? Then you can also go to the USC sports centre of the UvA at De Boelelaan.

Bicycle scheme

If you cycle a lot, you may need a new bicycle. At Amsterdam UMC you can choose a new bicycle with free all-risk insurance, and up to 749 euro in tax benefits. The remaining amount can be paid in instalments, from your monthly salary, holiday pay or end-of-year bonus.

Reimbursement of membership or contribution
Your trade union membership or your membership of the professional association or trade union can be paid from your gross salary. This way, you will have a net benefit!