Mission and vision

Diversity & Inclusion

Mission We embrace differences
This allows us to understand the world around us even better and to work towards our ambition of reducing health inequalities in the world.
Vision In ten years, we....
An organisation with a large diversity of employees who are a reflection of society. Inclusion within Amsterdam UMC is normal. We are constantly discovering new ways to make use of each other's talents and see differences as enriching. We understand the patient better and better, and the patient understands us. This is how we show the world that difference makes us stronger together!

Facts & Figures

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Our initiatives

In Amsterdam UMC a variety of initiatives, programmes and projects are underway to promote diversity and diversity sensitivity and to support the development of an inclusive organizational climate. These initiatives focus on all pillars of our academic health care organisation: science, education, employment and care. Do you want more information, contact us diversiteit@amsterdamumc.nl