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Research technician Experimental Cardiology

We believe that we can find the solution to currently untreatable genetic cardiomyopathies at their molecular cause. Will you help us to find this solution?
Research technician Experimental Cardiology
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  • Hours: 36 uur per week
  • Location: Locatie AMC
  • Contract type: fixed-term
  • Salary: € 2.558 - € 3.422
  • React until: 24 August 2022
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The project

Standard treatment for heart failure fails to halt disease progression in patients who suffer from a mutation in the LMNA or RBM20 gene (2000 each in the Netherlands). Ironically, the cardiomyopathies caused by these mutations are characterized by an aggressive clinical course and patients die young due to arrhythmias or need a heart transplant due to severe heart failure despite modern evidence-based therapies. Therefore, there is an urgent medical need to develop novel treatment options for these patients. The increasingly unraveled molecular basis of the disease is our lead, which allow us to directly target the cause of the disease and its molecular effectors leading to cardiac dysfunction. 

We are looking for a research technician with a background in cellular or molecular biology that want to join the group of Anke Tijsen and Yigal Pinto in the departement of Experimental Cardiology (location AMC) to investigate several approaches to target the molecular cause of these genetic cardiomyopathies.

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About your role

In both projects we will use hiPSC derived cardiomyocytes with a genetic mutation in the RBM20 or LMNA gene to investigate whether our molecular approaches indeed relieve the characteristics of the disease. In both projects we will use the newest CRISPR-based genome editing approach (prime-editing) in combination with numerous methods to molecularly and functionally phenotype the cardiomyocytes. The first project aims to rewrite certain areas of the genome as possible therapy (DNA) and the second project aims to molecularly interfere with the mutant mRNA. 

To allow us to study the disease mechanisms and possible new therapeutic approaches in human cells we make use of cardiomyocytes, which we differentiate from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).This position will be focused on developing cellular models for studying how a mutation leads to cellular phenotypes and whether therapeutic approaches influence these phenotypes. The Research Technician will culture undifferentiated iPSCs, differentiate them to cardiomyocytes and perform cellular and molecular assays to determine the phenotypes. Techniques that will be used on the cells or the cellular products are (among others): prime-editing in iPSCs, RNA isolations, (allele-specific) qPCRs, western blotting, lentiviral transductions, immunohistochemistry and microscopy.

About you

We are looking for a highly motivated research technician with a background in molecular and/or cell biology. 

The ideal candidate has:

  • HLO, bachelor or master degree in Medical Biology, Life Sciences, or a related field
  • Experience working in a biomedical laboratory
  • Is familiar with basic molecular and cellular techniques (experience with iPSCs and CRISPR will be regarded as strong points)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English 
  • The ability to work efficiently both independently and in a team 
  • Is precise and has an eye for details
Our offer

  • A contract for one year (12 months) with the intention to extend 
  • A supervisor who is available in the laboratory on a daily basis 
  • An experienced team of which every member is happy to teach and provide support. 
  • Besides a good basic salary, you will also receive an 8.3% end-of-the-year bonus and 8% holiday allowance. Calculate your net salary here.
  • Pension accrual with BeFrank.
  • Easy to reach by public transport, with a reimbursement of a large part of your costs. Furthermore, we offer free parking around the AMC and a good bicycle scheme.
About your workplace

The department of Experimental Cardiology of the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, is a research laboratory consisting of 6 groups with their own group leader/principal investigator. The work in the department ranges from pure genetic studies to molecular studies on newly identified RNA-species to electrophysiological studies and combinations of these aspects. Our department is part of the ‘Hartcentrum’ of the AMC, which means we are connected to the clinical Cardiology department, which stimulates translational research that benefits the patients suffering from these life-threatening cardiac diseases.

The PhD-students will be part of a small highly motivated group within the research group of Yigal Pinto, this small group consists for now of a junior group leader (Anke Tijsen), 1 technician and 1 PhD-student and we have openings for 1 technician and 2 PhD-students. The group is under daily supervision of the junior group leader, but in close contact with the principal investigator. The small group focuses on the mechanisms underlying cardiac diseases and uses the iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes to study these cardiac diseases with an aim to develop new therapeutics.

We are all easy accessible and work together with an open mind and open door (if needed also in the weekends). We are a highly divers team in terms of culture and background and tend to learn from each other on work and non-work related isssues. 

Amsterdam UMC has an open culture. This means that we hope that everyone feels welcome in our organization and that we strive to offer equal opportunities to everyone. We therefore cordially invite all interested parties to respond to this vacancy. Check out our approach to diversity and inclusion.
What to expect
A job in our beautiful capital city
Working for the favorite employer in healthcare (intermediary 2021)
All colleagues have the same goal: contributing to tomorrow’s care
There is room for development, deepening and broadening of your knowledge
An active staff association that organizes fun activities and arranges discounts on products and services for you
Amsterdam UMC innovates continuously, which requires a flexible attitude from everyone
Two large locations, good for your pedometer!
You have more than 15.000 colleagues, not all of whom you will get to know personally
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During the publication period, applications will be handled continuously. If the vacancy is filled, it will be closed prematurely.

Start date is preferably as soon as possible.

Do you have questions? For questions on the content you can contact Dr. Anke Tijsen via

For more information on the procedure you can contact Tanja Hart, Recruitment Advisor, via 020 444 5635.

A reference check and screening can be part of the procedure. Read here what this entails. If you would join us, we will ask for a VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag). 

Internal candidates will receive preference to external candidates, if equally qualified.

Acquisition regarding this job opening is not appreciated.