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Research Technician
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  • Hours: 36 uur per week
  • Location: Locatie VUmc
  • Contract type: project
  • Salary: € 2.558 - € 3.422
  • React until: 12 September 2022
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The project

Human extracellular matrix based hydrogel for clinical applications and organotypic skin models

After injury to the skin, tissue repair involving extracellular matrix (ECM) deposition within the dermis results in scar formation. The human dermis contains many different ECM proteins e.g. collagen (type I and III), elastin, proteoglycans and glycoproteins. Fibroblasts are the most abundant cell type within the dermis and their primary role is to secrete ECM components. Both migration of fibroblasts into the wound bed and the deposition of the ECM proteins determine the final quality of the scar with negligible scarring occurring in superficial wounds.

Current dermal templates used in the clinic only contain a limited number of ECM proteins e.g. collagen-elastin or collagen-glycosaminoglycan, and are produced in dermal sheets which are difficult to place and cover the wound bed. In addition, these dermal templates often contain animal components.

Currently rat tail collagen is the golden standard hydrogel for reconstructed human skin (RhS) models. It enables fibroblasts to grow as single cells in 3D similar to in human dermis. However, this model also has disadvantages. The hydrogel contains animal derived components (rat tail collagen), consists of a single animal derived ECM protein, the RhS shrinks with extended time in culture, and moreover it is not representative of human dermis and is not suitable for use in the clinic.

The aim of this project is to develop a novel human extracellular matrix (hECM) based hydrogel which:

i)             will replace the use of rat tail collagen in reconstructed human skin models;

ii)            provide a fully human based hydrogel which can be used as a dermal matrix for clinical applications.

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Tanja Hart Tanja Hart +31621603178 Recruitment adviseur
About your role

As research technician you will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • isolation and in vitro culture of primary skin cells
  • reconstruction and characterization by (immuno) histochemical analysis of RhS made with hECM based hydrogel
  • set up a standardized procedure for 3D bioprinting with hECM based hydrogel
  • develop the hECM based hydrogel into a form which could be used as an injectable for dermal repair in full thickness wounds.
About you

We are looking for a highly talented, enthusiastic, and exceptionally motivated research technician:

  • With a training in biomedical sciences (HLO or equivalent) and affinity for molecular biology.
  • With experience in cell culture, (immuno)histochemical analysis and microscopy.
  • A keen interest in translational research.
  • A strong team player with excellent communicative skills. The ability to work within an international scientific research group is essential.

Our offer
  • Salary scale: 7 (€ 2.422 to € 3.280 based on a 36 hour week), depending on qualifications and  experience.

  • The position is for a period of 1 year. After a good evaluation, and depending on available finance, your contract can be extended with an additional period of max. 3 years.

In addition we offer:

  • 8.3% end-of-year bonus and 8% holiday pay
  • your pension premium will be paid by us for 2/3.
  • we reimburse 75% of your OV travel costs (commuting costs).
  • This researchproject is embedded in the Amsterdam Movement Sciences Institute. This Institute facilitates translation of discoveries into clinical applications with patient benefit.
About your workplace

You will be employed by the Dept. Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgery and will be working within the Skinlab of Prof. Gibbs, under the direct supervision of Dr. Korkmaz, in the department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology (MCBI) of the Amsterdam UMC, located in the O|2 building in Amsterdam. Within Skinlab we aim to develop state of the art in vitro models for skin research.

MCBI hosts the core facilities for microscopy and flow cytometry, and provides relevant education including e.g. microscopy and flow cytometry courses. The research tasks are closely embedded in ongoing research activities of the participating departments. This research is performed in close collaboration with the Association of Dutch Burn Centres (ADBC), the Burn center, Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk and is financed by the Euro Tissue Bank (ETB-BISLIFE).   

Amsterdam UMC has an open culture. This means that we hope that everyone feels welcome in our organization and that we strive to offer equal opportunities to everyone. We therefore cordially invite all interested parties to respond to this vacancy. Check out our approach to diversity and inclusion.
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Working for the favorite employer in healthcare (intermediary 2021)
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There is room for development, deepening and broadening of your knowledge
An active staff association that organizes fun activities and arranges discounts on products and services for you
Amsterdam UMC innovates continuously, which requires a flexible attitude from everyone
Two large locations, good for your pedometer!
You have more than 15.000 colleagues, not all of whom you will get to know personally
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Your application must include a one-page personal motivation letter, a CV including the names and contact details of two recent references. Only complete applications will be considered.

For more information about this position, you can contact dr. H. Ibrahim Korkmaz, via email

For more information about the application procedure, you can contact Tanja Hart, corporate recruiter, via 06-21603178 of

You can apply till 12 September 2022