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PhD student Transcytosis in Barrier Endothelium

Unravel molecular mechanisms involved in endothelial barrier breakdown
PhD student Transcytosis in Barrier Endothelium
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  • React until: 24 May 2022
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The project

To maintain proper functioning of the central nervous system (CNS), intact blood-brain (BBB) and blood-retinal barriers (BRB) are required to prevent disturbances of the carefully composed environment for these sensitive organs. These physiologically analogous barriers are formed by a continuous, non-fenestrated endothelial monolayer with a highly restrictive and strictly regulated transport of molecules. Dysfunction of the barriers is a crucial factor in diseases of the brain and eye, leading to severe CNS morbidity and blindness.

In the literature, most attention has been paid to the importance of tight junctions and paracellular transport in barrier integrity, but recent developments have highlighted transcellular transport and the regulation of transcytosis as fundamental factors. Endothelial transcytosis is usually a caveolae-dependent process that combines receptor-mediated endocytosis, vesicle trafficking via actin cytoskeletal remodeling, vesicle fusion and exocytosis.

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About your role

In the present project, you will investigate the proteins involved in transcytosis in more detail, using specific pathway inhibitors, mass spectrometry and other molecular techniques. To more specifically track the endocytosis and exocytosis of tracers, you will use confocal imaging and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy in real-time in living cells. Barrier integrity will be monitored with a CellZscope system.

    About you

    We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student with the following characteristics:

    • Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences, Life Science Technology, Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences or other closely related discipline.
    • Demonstrated experience in cell and molecular biology, cell signaling and confocal microscopy.
    • Affinity with the subject of study.
    • Fluent in English (written and verbal).
    • Good writing skills.
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
    Our offer
    • A jump start to your career in research work.
    • All te space for you to contribute shaping the care of tomorrow.
    • The position is for 4 years. We first offer a fixed term contract for 1 year, which under normal circumstances will be prolonged by 3 years (after evaluation). 
    • Besides a good basic salary, you will also receive an 8.3% year-end bonus and 8% holiday allowance. 
    • In addition to excellent accessibility by public transport, AMC also has a sufficient number of parking spaces for employees.
    • Pension is accrued at Be Frank. 
    • An active personnel association and the Young Amsterdam UMC association, both of which organise fun (sports) activities and events.

    For more information about our terms of employment, please visit our website.

    About your workplace

    The Ocular Angiogenesis group, headed by Prof. Reinier Schlingemann and Dr. Ingeborg Klaassen, is part of the Department of Ophthalmology and housed in the Department of Medical Biology. Within our team you work closely together with other PhD students from our own group and collaborative groups. Within the Amsterdam UMC, we have several collaborations with other researches within the field of vascular research, cancer research and neurosciences. Furthermore, we collaborate with numerous national and international groups.

    In our department the latest technical advances in imaging, such as high-resolution confocal imaging, correlative electron microscopy and live-cell imaging are available.

    More information can be found on our website:

    Amsterdam UMC has an open culture. This means that we hope that everyone feels welcome in our organization and that we strive to offer equal opportunities to everyone. We therefore cordially invite all interested parties to respond to this vacancy. Check out our approach to diversity and inclusion.
    What to expect
    A job in our beautiful capital city
    Working for the favorite employer in healthcare (intermediary 2021)
    All colleagues have the same goal: contributing to tomorrow’s care
    There is room for development, deepening and broadening of your knowledge
    An active staff association that organizes fun activities and arranges discounts on products and services for you
    Amsterdam UMC innovates continuously, which requires a flexible attitude from everyone
    Two large locations, good for your pedometer!
    You have more than 15.000 colleagues, not all of whom you will get to know personally
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    Applications will be considered continuously during the publication period. If the vacancy is filled, it will be closed prematurely. 

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