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PhD student | 'The interface between software technique and clinical medicine'

Do you find a challenge in composing various components into a working device? Help us improving the current eye tracking techniques and built a eye tracker which will developed into a commercial product!
PhD student | 'The interface between software technique and clinical medicine'
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  • Hours: 36 uur per week
  • Division: Neuro/head/neck
  • Contract type: fixed-term with the perspective of permanent emplo
  • Salary: € 2.495 - € 3.196
  • React until: 7 November 2021
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About your role

We have started an innovation project (TKI-LSH) aimed at improving the current eye tracking techniques. Aim is to improve the measurement technique to be able to circumvent extensive calibration and to enhance the measurement range. With these improvements, the scope of application will be much enlarged. This is an innovation project in the form of a public-private partnership (PPP). Our private partner is Laméris Ootech, a market leader in ophthalmological equipment. Project coordination is at IXA.

The project comprises development of a new eye tracker, based on patented technology (owner VUmc) and testing this eye tracker in healthy subjects and selected patients. Using commercially available components such as infrared light sources, infrared cameras, high end GPU’s and high end monitors, a concept eye tracker will be built, which will finally be developed into a commercial product / medical device.

As PhD student in this project we offer you:
-A challenging job on the frontier between engineering and clinical applications. Lots of possibilities to develop into a specialist in the area of biomedical data analysis / development of medical devices / artificial intelligence / computer vision.
- An excellent preparation for a career, both in a clinical and a commercial field. You may play a central role in the commercial development of the product.
- A possibility to apply artificial intelligence in practice.
- Intensive cooperation with experts from various disciplines: engineering, marketing and clinical specialists.
- Extensive possibilities for development of a national and international network.

Question about this vacancy?
Brend de Jong Brend de Jong +31204448704 Recruitment Adviseur
About you

We are looking for a motivated PhD student with the following expertise and experience:

  • You have a Master degree in one of the disciplines on the frontier between engineering and medicine. For example in Technical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Technical Computer Science or other software study such as artificial intelligence;
  • You can demonstrate your affinity and experience with computer programming. Knowledge and experience with applications such as C++, Python and Java are required. Experience with video-analysis (or Object Recognition) is a plus;
  • You have affinity with hardware and equipment. You will find a challenge in composing various components into a working device.
Our offer

Salary scale:  PHD (2495 tot 3196 euro based on a 36 hour week), depending on qualifications and experience.

The monthly wage will increase yearly to the maximum salary in the fourth year of 3,196 € gross per month.

In addition, we offer:

  • Additional benefits include an 8.3% end-of-year bonus and 8.0% holiday pay.
  • The opportunity to follow further training and development.
  • Pension is accrued at the ABP. VUmc contributes a large part of the premium (70%).
  • In addition to excellent accessibility by public transport, we reimburse 75% of your OV travel costs (commuting costs).

We offer a full-time employment for 4 years. After the first annual contract, the employment will be extended to 4 years.

For Dutch citizens it is mandatory to provide a VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag). Foreign citizens need to provide comparable police clearing certificates.

About your workplace

Eye movements are critical for processing visual information in the brain. Without control of eye movements, vision will be severely impaired. Currently, eye movements are mostly measured using eye trackers that are based on infrared oculography. The eyes are illuminated by an infrared light source. Its reflections on the eye are recorded using an infrared camera. From the positions of the reflections relative to the pupil, the eye position can be calculated.

In Amsterdam UMC, at the departments of Ophthalmology and Neurology, eye trackers are being used to study impairments of oculomotor control in Multiple Sclerosis and to study viewing strategies of traffic participants  with impaired vision. There is great interest in developing an eye tracking system to study eye movements and eye positions in patients with strabismus (squint). Particularly for young patients such programs may contribute to quality of care.

The location of the activities is Amsterdam UMC, part of the activities may take place at Laméris Ootech in Ede or at Optronica in de Meern. Working at Amsterdam UMC means working in an inspiring and professional environment where developing one`s talents and academic skills are encouraged. We offer you ample opportunity for development, deepening and broadening, additional training, and a place to grow!

What to expect
A job in our beautiful capital
Working for the most preferred employer in healthcare (intermediair 2021)
All colleagues have the same goal: contributing to tomorrow's care
We care not only for our patients, but also for you
Cooperation is characterised by mutual trust and interest in one another
We are constantly innovating, so you must be able to deal with change
Parking is limited at location VUmc, but by public transport you can get to the door
A full agenda, because our staff association organises many fun activities
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The preferred starting date for this position is November or December 2021.

For more information about this position, you can contact Dr. Rene van Rijn, via telephone number: 020-444 444, tracer 61431 .
For more information about the application procedure, you can contact Brend de Jong, corporate recruiter, via telephone number: 020-444 8704.